Keeping Track Of Online Earnings

How do you keep track of your online earnings? It is an important question and something important to do. Not just for tax type purposes but also if you are like me and using multiple websites it can come in handy to keep track of it all somewhere.

In the past I have used an Excel sheet but would often forget to update it. For a brief period I also used a word document saved where I typed in each payment as I got it, but same issue I would forget. I also had a earning journal for a while where I wrote down my earnings everyday. I sometimes still do that but find it to be extra work.

And then there is keeping track of payments when waiting. I use to have sticky notes everywhere for this but I found them to sometimes become too cluttered. So now I stick to a whiteboard because it is so easy and erases easy too.

This is a picture of how I keep track of payments as I wait for them. The whiteboard was bought at Wal Mart during the summer when school supplies were on sale. I think I paid $…

Prolific Academic - How To Get More Surveys

I have been asked this before when I was promoting Prolific Academic because I love the site so much and it is not really a survey site so much. Well it is and isn't, some surveys may want you to write out responses to questions, some are click and choose task and so on. They are quite interesting compared to a boring beverage survey for example.

The biggest thing seems to be demographics and some people seem to think it is country based which sometimes is true but not always. I was taking a look into their FAQ page and found this "Please note that many studies have eligibility criteria. This means that sometimes only certain demographics are required (e.g. 20-30 year old female Astrophysics students from Germany, to give one example). - Take from Prolific Academics "

I picked the above example because even though yes it is showing Germany as the target country it also is showing…

Gift Game App Review

Normally I don't like doing reviews until I reach the cash out and have been paid by the website or app. I was bored on April 6th and downloaded it to my phone. I came across it on Facebook in the ads section. Currently the only apps on my phone for making extra cash is GrabPoints, Swagbucks, Caddle, Checkout51 and Mobile Xpression. I am running an older phone (Samsung Galaxy S III) So sadly I am limited with the amount of space I have and then the fact the phone is becoming old in Galaxy series of phones.
Once in a while I will download a random "make free money" app as some people call them, get bored of them and do away with the app quickly. I already have been paid once by GrabPoints and am close to another cash out. Gift Game I have only been using for a few days so I still have a ways to go. I am kind of making it quite slow for me though because I am not doing any task like downloading apps for cash. Instead I am playing the games, watching some videos and enter…

March Online Earnings

I have to say I am not impressed with myself and my March earnings. I failed my goal to make $100.00 with GrindaBuck and I did not make $400.00 online by the end of March like I had hoped! I am not going to dwell on it too much but still I feel like I let myself down. Plus I did not keep this blog updated like I said I would either. I am going to have to sit down and think of new topic ideas to get more wrote or pre written or something. My earnings are not terrible though! The one positive is that I earned more in March then I did in February. Take a look,

March Earnings
Checkout 51: $20.00 (Cheque) 
Bestmark: $16.00 (Cheque)
ClixSense: $12.13 (Cheque)
Earnably: $1.00 USD 
Total after currency conversion: $1.29 CAD
GrindaBuck: $35.00 USD
Total after currency conversion: $45.44 CAD
UsabilityHub: $20.00 USD
Total after currency conversion: $26.16 CAD
Pinecone Research: $12.00 CAD
Prolific Academic: £20.25 GBP
Total after currency conversion: $32.44 CAD
ForumCoin: $5.95 CAD
UserTesting: $80.00 USD

Checkout51 Review And Payment Proof

I have been using Checkout51 for a very long time and to be honest I was worried I would never reach the $20.00 payment that is needed to cash out by check with this app. I am not trying to put down the app in any way by saying this, so try not to get to discouraged and read on.

Cashback and shopping apps seem to be something on the rise as of lately and becoming a popular means for people to save money. Maybe you already use Checkout51 or heard of it? Another popular app is Ibotta. I wanted to quickly mention Ibotta because I have heard A LOT of good things about it. At this time though Ibotta is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico. Learn about Ibotta here

Who Can Use Checkout51?
This is taken directly from their website, "Products must be purchased in your country of registration. We currently support the United States (the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, Overseas US Military Bases, Puerto Rico) and Canada." You can read more ab…

BestMark Mystery Shopping (Canada and USA)

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and in a town with a population less than 10,000 people. For a long time I would research various mystery shopping companies and sign up. Some of the sites I joined though only had shops in the cities so it never worked out for me. So today I wanted to talk about BestMark because they sometimes have phone and web based mystery shops which you can do from your home. Pretty cool! And a fun idea if you don't want to go out.

At current these are the following requirements to be a mystery shopper with BestMark

"Minimum Mystery Shopper and Exit Interviewer Criteria
Must be 19 years of age or olderMust have reliable transportationMust have good written communication skillsMust be able to focus on detailsMust have full internet access (at home or at work)"  The above is taken right from their website. So of course this could change in time.
Oh and if you are wondering if they pay, yeah they do. Here is some payment proof:
This is a recent check for …

February Online Earnings

Well as shocking as it is to say this February is one of the best months I have had for online earnings in a very long time. I am quite surprised. I just hope I can increase these earnings since April will be rough for me. In April I need to renew my plate and insurance for my car so that can be a bit costly. By being very strict with myself I was able to earn what I did in Feb so I am happy with it but hope to do better. Here is a look at my earnings:

February Earnings
GrindaBuck - $45.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $57.35 CAD
UserTesting - $90.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $114.48 CAD
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
ForumCoin - $5.77 CAD
Grabpoints - $3.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $4.01 CAD
MicroWorkers - $9.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $11.39 CAD
Prolific Academic - $15.30 GBP
Total after currency conversion - $24.25 CAD
MintVine - $10.00 USD
Total after currency conversion - $12.72 CAD
Pinecone Research - $3.00 CAD
Grand Total: $206.07 (total with mixed curren…