October 2017 Online Earnings

I was hoping for October I would be back in the swing of things but I been busy adjusting to spending time in the city. I am a country girl, so I am not a big fan of that but the guy I am now seeing lives here so I am getting use it for him. I am now laid off from my seasonal farming work and able to try and get a online routine going again or at least I hope to in time. I got Internet in my name too which will help.

 Here is my earnings for October:

October 2017 Earnings
Prolific Academic - £10.88 GBP - $17.74 after conversion to CAD
Earnably - $1.00 USD - $1.27 after conversion to CAD
Grindabuck - $17.50 USD - $22.35 after conversion to CAD
UsabilityHub - $11.70 USD - $14.94 after conversion to CAD
Content Gather - $5.26 USD - $6.47 after conversion to CAD
Total before conversions: $46.34
Grand total of everything converted to CAD: $62.77 CAD

I have seen some better months that is for sure but won't complain about this either. It has been a busy month with personal things and such. I am h…

July 2017, August 2017 And September 2017 Online Earnings

First I want to say how sorry I am for not doing my monthly post but it has been so crazy here lately. In my previous earning post I had mentioned the split from my long term boyfriend. We are still split but still get on as friends. I am dating someone else now who is sweeping me off my feet. I also worked every single day (minus rain days) harvesting my parents garden which I did get paid for so that was a nice help to my earnings. Sadly due to the garden though I have not been doing really anything online as far as earnings go. I am just now looking over the sites I was working on. I need to spend a day to catch up too, I don't know what is new out there for earning sites.

So here is a look at my earnings.

July 2017
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
GrindaBuck - $5.00 USD - $6.25 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research - $3.00 CAD
Total before conversions: $33.00
Grand total of everything converted to CAD: $34.25 CAD

August 2017 and September 2017 there was no earnings.

So as you can s…

June 2017 Online Earnings

First off I want to apologize for posting this 2 weeks late. This post is going to get personal for a moment, which again I do apologize for but it is my blog so I shall post what I want. On June 11th me and my long term boyfriend/husband split. For anyone who follows me on forums, there have been times I mentioned issues that arose but not in great detail. I can say this past month has been rough on me emotionally and physically.

My earnings for June sucked because of us ending as I spent a lot of time crying and maybe feeling sorry for myself too. I feel a bit better right now but still very brokenhearted at our end. But that is life my friends, that is life. Nothing last forever is probably my new motto. A lot has changed for me I had to leave the cat we rescued together due to her having feline herpes I could not bring her to my parents home as their cat would catch it too. The good news is my ex is being good about everything including letting me keep certain items there until I…

May 2017 Online Earnings

Well it is now June 2017 and it is getting quite hot some days here already. We did just have some cold days though so I won't complain about heat to much until it gets to be to much. I find it warm but not crazy warm yet. The start of May I was busy finishing off the seed planting for my parents. I think planted 90% of the greenhouse seeds by myself. It was kind of them and it got me away from the computer and gave me some extra cash that was needed. Here is a look at my May online earnings:

May Earnings
SurveyLion - $7.00 (cheque)
GrindaBuck - $27.50 USD - $36.23 CAD after currency conversion
Prolific Academic - £22.06 GBP - $37.54 CAD after currency conversion
UserTesting - $40.00 USD - $53.05 CAD after currency conversion
Postloop - $5.14 USD - $6.81 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research - $9.00 CAD
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
Quest MindShare - $50.00 CAD (This was for music survey completed in April)
GiftGame App - $3.10 CAD
TwitchFollows - $5.93 CAD

Total before conversions: $194.…

Postloop Is Back And Paying!

As a lot of you probably are aware Postloop closed it's doors on November of 2016. I remember being quite upset over it because they shut down on my birthday. Well since then they are back! I will tell you what was really nice, I was able to login with my same details and my rating is still there along with my points. So in a matter of days of going back I was able to cash out. Needless to say I am happy to see some forums back on the list that are paying and quick payments. Here is some proof below:

I also shared this same picture on my Twitter feed May 15th 2017 to let people know there too. Here is a post from April which you can find on Postloop's front page too:
I am sharing this because there is plans mentioned of things that will be added like a mobile version! And possible other ways of payment, I highly suggest reading that post it has good details listed.

Some good news to mention as well is since …

April 2017 Online Earnings

April was a strange month for online earnings because of my time away from the computer but the days I was not away it seemed that I was not able to earn as much as the previous month. I also had set a goal to post twice a week to the blog in April and that did not happen either. For April I think I did a total of 4 blog post. I guess that is better then some months though. Here is a look at April earnings,

April Earnings
SurveyLion: $7.00 CAD (Cheque)
AngusReid: $10.00 CAD (Cheque)
Bestmark: $4.00 USD (Cheque) - $5.15 CAD after currency conversion
UsabilityHub: $20.00 USD - $26.27 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research: $6.00 CAD
Swagbucks: $25.00 CAD
ForumCoin: $5.97 CAD
Grabpoints: $3.00 USD - $3.88 CAD after currency conversion
Zurb INC/Enroll: $1.50 USD - $1.94 CAD after currency conversion
Earnably: $1.00 USD - $1.29 CAD after currency conversion
MintVine: $10.00 USD - $12.97 CAD after currency conversion
GrindaBuck: $15.00 USD - $19.55 CAD after currency conversion
Prolific Academi…

Keeping Track Of Online Earnings

How do you keep track of your online earnings? It is an important question and something important to do. Not just for tax type purposes but also if you are like me and using multiple websites it can come in handy to keep track of it all somewhere.

In the past I have used an Excel sheet but would often forget to update it. For a brief period I also used a word document saved where I typed in each payment as I got it, but same issue I would forget. I also had a earning journal for a while where I wrote down my earnings everyday. I sometimes still do that but find it to be extra work.

And then there is keeping track of payments when waiting. I use to have sticky notes everywhere for this but I found them to sometimes become too cluttered. So now I stick to a whiteboard because it is so easy and erases easy too.

This is a picture of how I keep track of payments as I wait for them. The whiteboard was bought at Wal Mart during the summer when school supplies were on sale. I think I paid $…