Monday, September 19, 2016

Postloop Closing November 1st...

Well what is worse then getting bad news on your birthday? My birthday is November 1st and along with that I logged into Postloop today to see this message...

I am sure all members who login can probably see this message and more then likely there is probably already buzz about this on online communities. Yes this sucks but I think we also must respect Postloop for this decision and hey they at least told us unlike some sites that just vanish.

It is indeed sad news especially for people who earn mostly from this site. You can read about the site closer here

This is just a quick post, I just wanted to share this with anyone who doesn't know about it.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

July Earnings (Sorry so late, been very busy)

Well it is nearly a month later and I am just now finding the time to sit down and do this post. I am sorry for the long wait but it has been a very busy time for me. Since the end of July I have been working nearly everyday in my parents garden to make extra income. My body is not use to it though and I am pretty sore some days. Today even I was suppose to go in but I have a sharp pain in my side. I guess the biggest issue might be the fact I was so inactive before doing this work so it is hard to get use to.

Either way though it is a great experience. I even have lost a bit of weight since starting. Since I am not sure of my income situation after the garden I have penny pinching hardcore. And of course doing online work/task when I can, which hasn't been often.

So with that let's take a look at July's earnings.

Postloop - $10.18
Prolific Academic - $10.71
Pinecone Research - $6.00
UsabilityHub - $20.10
Usertesting - $10.00
Total - $56.99

And if anyone is wondering I will be listing gift cards as a separate thing if I do cash any out. I don't do that very often though so no gift cards for me. It wasn't a very good month sadly for earnings but once I got busy it was hard to keep up with doing my usual routine.

I am sure August earnings won't be much better. I haven't checked on them yet, but did get some payments. As soon as the garden ends I will be going full swing into online earning again and trying some other sites out. And will continue job searching for something part time to add to my income.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

June Earnings And Updates

Hey guys I figured we are a week into July so I knew I had to get this post done. I didn't forget about it I just had a very stressful week. In a previous post I had mentioned getting a cleaning job. I was pretty stressed, anxious and depressed the day of my first shift. I was feeling negative about myself and worried I wouldn't be a good worker, although according to previous employers I am a good worker.

Well the start of the shift was a mess. I was sent off with another employee who had recently been hired like me and she and the maintenance man were under the impression that someone from the cleaning company we were contracted with would be training me. Well whoever that was never even showed up so I was showed the janitor closet and told a couple things then well I winged it. I think I did okay but not having someone to go over my work and tell me if I made mistakes was upsetting for my anxiety. I tried hard not to let it bother me but it did.

I also found out an hour into my first shift that this cleaning job was just covering a vacation for 3 days. To be honest I wanted to walk out but didn't. I did my job and went home. The next day I called my employer and asked them what was going on with my shifts, as I was told part time. Well come to find out it is indeed a fill in shift. I thought it over and ended up having a panic attack and quit.

A part of me regrets quitting because I could of took the fill in shifts but their company is so unprofessional. The ad listed for the job was not only misleading but I didn't even have proper training. Since walking away from that one I have felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders to say the least. But I am still feeling like I let myself down and my spouse down because that job would of been a huge help had there been more days to work.

I am not happy with what has happened but it is what it is. In the mean time I will continue working online and see if I can find another job outside the home for extra income. Sorry for the rant folks but I wanted to update.

I did not meet my Swagbucks goal I was hoping to get more points from the Daily rewards program. Since I did not go on the site everyday though that did not happen. It was still nice to get a goal with bonus SBs though.

I did get a bit confused because I wasn't entirely sure what all consist of the goal amount they gave me but I am still happy with it. I have enough points to get 2 $10 dollar gift cards. I am waiting to get more to hopefully get some Paypal cash unless I change my mind. Whatever I choose though I will post proof of it here.

June Earnings

Mintvine - $10.74
Prolific Academic - $11.23
ForumCoin - $5.00
Usertesting - $10.00
Spare5 - $5.39
Postloop - $5.01
Pinecone Research - $3.00

Total: $50.37

***Note*** This amount does not include the currency conversions. With the conversion it would probably be closer to $70.

I made less in June than I did in May which is a bit sad but when I had found out I had a job to go too I took so many days off to get ready. I am really regretting that now but what has been done has been done. Even though July feels slow I should get a $20 cash out soon with UsabilityHub and I have a pending payment with Prolific Academic right now. With some extra work I can hopefully make more for my July earning post.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Swago Fail :(

This might be the most frustrating post I have ever wrote about Swagbucks or anything online not working out. I somehow either manged to screw up the way the board had to be entered for Swago or failed to pay attention in general. In my previous post I mention "The board is active until June 27th, 12pm PT" 

No idea why but my board was gone... Instead I was getting this... This was happening on the 26th a whole day before the 27th. I figured maybe it was just an error of sorts so I let it go. But when I tried the 27th same thing was happening. However with the time difference it also is possible on the 27th that I tried to enter my board when it really was over.

I later came across a post on the FB Swagbucks Canada page stating they extended an hour on the Swago board for people to claim their prizes. Now I only missed out on 25SBs so it really isn't a big deal but I also stupidly did not contact their support about why I was getting this page on the 26th and I probably should of.

I wanted to update everyone since I promised I would but clearly I have nothing to update since I somehow manged to mess up how to do the Swago board.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Swagbucks Swago Info :)

Is Your Board Full Yet? Mine isn't but check out my post below to see the tips I share to get it full for me and you hopefully too.

I use to not hugely like Swagbucks but I am having some better success with it these days and am pretty happy with that. Right now each day that I login to Swagbucks I see an interesting banner talking about Swago and it says PLAY & EARN UP TO A 300 SB BONUS!

This started on June 20th and ends June 27th so there still is time to play. And this would be a good time for interested people not using Swagbucks to signup and try this out. A lot of the board is stuff I already do anyways so marking off each thing just gets me closer to earning more Swagbucks. You can join Swagbucks here

Swago - What Is It?

Now I am not sure how often Swago comes out but it does look exciting. The game reminds me of bingo and I will tell you why in a minute. The Swago board is a good time to do stuff you already do and as you do the task listed on the board the task gets  marked off by changing to a color. The white boxes on the board means they are not complete yet. Keep in mind though in order to get points you need your board to match one of the patterns on the side which acts as a legend almost. Here is a look at my Swago board:

On the right side there is a pattern area. I have not submitted a pattern because well if I do I will be done with my Swago board. Just because it shows 2 submission  patterns doesn't mean you can submit both for points. In fact you can only submit one pattern so play carefully. So right now I am trying to get my X pattern or Perimeter then I will submit the board. Of course the full board would be fun to fill but I am thinking I won't have success with it. Either way it is extra SBs so why not play.

The board is active until June 27th, 12pm PT. So I still have lots of time to try and fill mine. A lot of the board so far has been easy I have found. Every day or every couple of days I have success completing a Gold survey but I am not sure how to do it on my mobile, so until I figure that out I may need to settle for a different pattern.

Something else to keep in mind if you are new to Swagbucks and don't have very many SBs it might be harder to complete a higher pattern. Some of the blocks may require you to spend SBs. For example one block says "Enter the $2,000 Summer Cash Swagstakes" Swagstakes require you to buy tickets to enter using your SBs so be mindful of that when trying to complete a pattern. Also the block "Redeem Your SB For Any Gift Card" will probably require you to spend 500SBs or more in the gift card store. Unless there is one cheaper which is possible because gift cards tend to go on sale. And if you are like me with no referral yet then at least 2 of my blocks will not get marked off.

So remember to use good strategy to get the best bonus prize you can. Once the Swago game is over I will update either my blog or twitter to let everyone know which pattern I got to submit. :)

Additional Tips To Get Your Swago Board Marked Off :)

I will be honest I prefer Google for my searches but I think it is worth using the Swagbucks search box. If you get a search where you can claim some SBs for a reward this will mark a block off your Swago plus give you some extra SBs for your bank. If you need help setting Swagbucks search to your homepage this page should help.

Swagcodes are a good way to get extra SBs and to mark off another block on your Swago board. Right now there is a Swag Scoop Swag Code Extravaganza going on. Now I think the link I am sharing might be more for Canadians I am not sure but it lets me know where to find the Swag codes, and for how long this is running. And if you get all 6 throughout the day you get 30SB. Here is the link

If you are not doing this daily routine already make sure to do your daily poll for 1 SB and to mark off a block on your Swago Board. It is very easy and takes less than a minute to do.

Now I don't know about anyone else but every other day I will play the Swagbuck games just for the SBs. There is a block to mark off on your board for this but make sure you earn SBs from the game other wise it won't get marked off. This happened to me the other day and took me 10 minutes to realize I had read the block wrong it said "earn sbs" not just play a game and its marked off the board.

Don't forget about gold surveys. There is a board you can mark off for attempting a survey but you do need to earn that 1 SB bonus you get for trying for it to mark off. And if you complete a survey that is another board marked off. There also is options from a mobile device but I am still trying to figure that one out.

You also should get the Swagbutton. There are 2 places on the board that can be marked off for this. The first is redeeming a swag code from your Swagbutton. And earn some SB for watching videos from the Swagbutton.

A lot of it is quite easy on how to mark the blocks off and may be things you already do anyways. Good luck with it :) I hope some of these tips help people having issues with understanding their Swago board.

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