Sunday, January 1, 2017

December 2016 Earnings

I think December so far has been the worst month earning wise for me. It has been a busy month for me though. My offline job may be coming to an end though which will mean I can spend more time online.

December Earnings
Prolific Academic - $6.14 
Pinecone Research - $3.00
Total: $9.14

The holidays had me busy as well since I actually saw my family both Christmas eve and day. And work was crazy, there was a lot to do with getting ready for the holidays. 2017 is upon us now and I am hoping to make more online among other things.

Monday, December 12, 2016

November Earnings And Updates

For anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me on some forums, you probably have noticed my activity has dropped quite a bit. Again because of my offline job. I am also going through some other things like my weekly therapy session and possibly soon weekly career counsellor sessions. And of course the holidays are fast approaching.

So November was not a good month online either since I have been dedicating less time earning money online. But for what I did make, I shall share.

November Earnings:
UsabilityHub - $20.00
Prolific Academic - $6.48
Total: $26.48

Well truth be told this is one of my worse months yet. But in a big way it is my fault and only my fault. The less time I have been online is why. The UsabilityHub earnings actually also come from September, since it took me a while to cash out.


Not a lot is going on right now other then working a lot. My sleep is still an issue. I mean let's face it, I have to be up at 2:30AM at the latest to get ready for work, so I have been laying around at 6pm for bed or earlier which is just plain weird. But oh well, it is what it is I guess.

The place I went to for career help is a big stepping stone, I am being referred to a career counsellor and just waiting to hear the word on that now and hoping for the best with it. I just hit 30 and November and want to make some big changes. My dream still is to write as a living and work from home full time. But I also think it might be wise to get some training on the go. I am thinking Accounting but my mind my change.

Aside from that I do still do stuff online. Oh I forgot to mention in my earnings that I did get 2 gift cards for Indigo from Swagbucks for $20 in total so that helped with some Christmas shopping. This dollar store job may be seasonal though and if it is, well it could be over for me in Jan but I am not sure yet.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

October Earnings And Updates

Well the months I am noticing seem to be flying by and ever since starting my new job which is outside the home I am not able to dedicate as much time online. To be honest if I spend all my time just working offline and online I may go crazy! I did that once before while at a call center I would work there and Bubblews at work and at home. Which was fine but in time it was too much working. We all need to rest and relax too.

I am working at a dollar store stocking shelves. And if customers approach me with questions I do my best to assist them. I am quite proud of myself because this is a big deal since I do have social anxiety. I am glad to be out of my shell some and trying to work around more people. This job may only be seasonal though and if it is, well that will suck it will mean possibly done around Christmas time. And some of the money I am making already has places to go. Not just bills but car things like winter tires and undercoating.

With the work schedule being 4am - 12:30pm I am finding it hard to spend as much time online. And I think for certain sites when I do get a chance to work on them it could be bad times a day. I did earn a little though for October so here it is.

October Online Earnings

Pinecone Research - $9.00
The Forum Wheel - $0.50
Prolific Academic - $10.00
Postloop - $5.11
Usertesting - $9.00
ForumCoin - $4.50
Earnably - $2.00
Total - $40.11 

Just to note these amounts to not include currency conversions so the total would be more but this is the amounts that were sent to me by GBP or USD.

Postloop is now gone and I miss it, but I at least cashed out one last time with them. And as soon as I had points with The Forum Wheel I cashed out just to make sure I did get paid. I also got my first payment Earnably, it took long because I don't use the site much but should work on that more.

At the moment I have no online goals but hope I can continue earning for backup money which I plan to save since this job may lay me off after the holidays.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Good Time To Join Swagbucks And Get 200SBs Fast :)

The bad news is that this is a time sensitive thing and by that I mean Swagbucks has introduced a new and cool Swago board that you can easily earn 200SBs from just visiting stores through your mobile device or from your PC. This does end October 24th though at 12pm PT! So if you are new you might want to join now

I did this video today to show people how easy this is. Even for anyone who is old to Swagbucks this is so easy and a quick way to grab up 200 free SBs. I also forgot to mention in my video that this also helps another way, the points from daily goal! So because I got 200SBS credited to my account right away I got an easy 12 extra SBs as well. Not to shabby.

This is just to show that I did indeed get the board full. It was a good day for me on Swagbucks that is for sure.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Swago Board Success!

Some of you may remember a post I made back in June titled Swago Fail
Long story short I did not submit the pattern on my board in time and because of that I missed out on some Swagbucks. Well I have some good news this time I did it and this time I got a nice amount of SBs for stuff I do on Swagbucks anyways.

I did something important this time around though I took the time to study the board. Some of the stuff is moved around compared to previous boards so this made it easier for me. A problem I had last time was that I could not seem to find the survey app to use on my phone so this made it for I missed out. Well I did this time!

I found it by searching "Swagbucks Answer" in my Google Playstore. I had believed that I was not going to be able to use it because of my phone being a bit older but I found it. I can say the app did crash a few times though, so it seems to me the Swagbucks team may have some bugs they need to fix.

So the pattern I got to complete is the pattern before the biggest reward which was pretty exciting. The Perimeter or outer square is the one I got done.  If you are new to Swagbucks or Swago keep in mind that your "Pattern" legend may show multiple submit buttons for different patterns, you can only submit one! So remember that when getting each thing done.

Above is a screen cap of my Swago board. The hardest part for me was earning even just 1 point in the survey answer app, this was an issue because of it crashing a few times and even crashed during a survey. I did not think I would get it done but I did. Now you may be wondering why didn't I complete the board. Well I have 0 referrals so there was no way I could complete for the 300 SB reward. That is okay though I got the 2nd biggest prize and I am happy with that.

Once I was ready to turn in my board I got a message where I had to select yes and then had the above screen come up. So it was added to my account which is great. I did have to spend some of my points on a gift card but since I got back into reading I had no issues getting a $10 Indigo card. I also had to enter some giveaways to complete that pattern. Thankfully I had the swagbucks to buy the tickets so that was fine. I just wanted to share this because I was pretty excited when I got what normally is a harder pattern completed, done. Sound fun? Why not signup and try it out.